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Post by Aku Sakura on Sun Sep 05, 2010 6:17 am

Yea, read these carefully before posting here:

1. Unless otherwise stated, you can join any other topic with any other user. If the first post specifically states only for these users and you're not included, there will be consequences unless the OP of the topic says otherwise. Also, continued topics will not have the warning on the first post, so look for the first topic.
2. These topics are smutty and can contain rude and offensive language. There'll also be descriptive violence and possibly inappropriate imagery. Only for the people who can handle this kind of stuff or are simply perverts.
3. THIS IS NOT A FREAKING DATING SERVICE!! I don't want anyone roleplaying with the intention of finding a girlfriend/boyfriend. That's not what this site is about. This site is just a roleplaying site.
4. If you did not say at the start of your topic that you don't want anyone except for a selected few joining your topic and someone else joins your topic and you come complaining, don't expect sympathy. I won't waste my time on people who didn't think ahead. Either make a new topic with that statement or get over it.
5. Just because people can't reply to your topic because of a statement doesn't mean they can't read it. I will not make it so only you and the selected few can read it. Post at your own risk. Of course, no one can hold your posts against you and if done so, will be suspended immediately.
6. Your character can only bully another character. There will be no user bullying. I will not stand for it. If I or any mod see this going on, there will be no warnings. In fact, this is your only warning.

That's all
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