Chibi Vampire Application

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Chibi Vampire Application

Post by Aku Sakura on Sat Jan 09, 2010 7:33 am

Female Characters:

Karin (Unvampire, Nosebleeds, doesn't suck blood. Gives happiness)
Anju (Youngest Vampire in the Maaka Clan. Sucks out Envy)
Calera (Mother of the maaka clan. Sucks out Lies)
Elda (Grandmother, looks like Karin. Sucks out love)
Fumio (Kenta's mother, sexual attraction)
Maki (Karin's friend)

Male Characters:

Kenta (First human to learn Karin's secret, Karin's crush)
Ren (Older brother of Karin and Anju. Sucks out Stress)
Victor (Vampire Hunter)
Henry (Father of Karin and Anju. Sucks out Pride)
Winner (Vampire Hunter, Loves Karin)
Alfred (Elda's old lover)


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