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Green Green Application

Post by Aku Sakura on Sat Jan 09, 2010 7:15 am

Female Characters:

Midori (Girl from future, Loves Yuusuke)
Futaba (Tomboy girl, hates guys, tough)
Reika (Girl from future to stop midori)
Wakaba (Futaba's younger sister, has a pet cactus)
Sanae (Weak and Shy girl)
Chigusa (Nurse)
Arisa (Freaky glasses girl)

Male Characters:

Yuusuke (School Presidant, Lost memory of the promise to Midori. Loves Midori [Eventually])
Bacchi-Gu (Fat, Pedophilic Boy)
Ichiban-Boshi (Weird eyed boy who likes Futaba)
Tenjin (Boy who feeds on rice when around girls, likes Sanae)


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