Mermaid Melody Application

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Mermaid Melody Application

Post by Aku Sakura on Sat Jan 09, 2010 6:38 am

Female Characters:

Lucia (Pink Mermaid Princess)
Rina (Green Mermaid Princess)
Hanon (Blue Mermaid Princess)
Caren (Purple Mermaid Princess)
Sara (Orange Mermaid Princess)
Seira (Future Orange Mermaid Princess)
Noel (Dark Blue Mermaid Princess)
Coco (Yellow Mermaid Princess)
Nikora (Purple Mermaid - Lucia Elder Sister)
Madame Taki (Fortune Teller for the Mermaids)
Izuru (Dark Lover [Water Dragon/Snake])
Maria (Dark Lover [Ice])
Yuri (Dark Lover [Pianist])
Eriru (Dark Lover [Multiple Personality])
SheShe (Black Beauty Sisters [Red])
Mimi (Black Beauty Sisters [Blue])
Lanhua (Michel Butterfly-like Servant)
Alala (Michel's Fairy-like Servant)

Male Characters:

Kaito (Lucia's Crush)
Hippo (Penguin who can transform into a hippocampus or a cute human boy)
Taro (Pianist, Hanons Crush)
Gaito/Gakuto (Leader of the sea monsters [evil])
Michel (Vendetta against Mermaid Princesses, Weak angel)
Fuku (Michel's righthand man, Deformed angel bird, head of a human)
Lady Bat (Michel's Vampire-like Servant)


Character: (Has to be available, cannot be a servant if master is available)
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Re: Mermaid Melody Application

Post by Luchia Nanami on Mon Apr 30, 2012 1:26 am

Name: Luchia Nanami
Gender: Female
Character: Lucia

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